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And it only gets better from here.

Changing times requires that automakers take action and give the American consumer a revolutionary vehicle that deserves a revolutionary ownership experience. So we’ve designed a responsive customer approach with an efficient retail and wholesale point of sale footprint. Genesis offers a fleet of build-to-order plug-in electric vehicles to be purchased online and delivered to the purchaser’s home, business or local dealership within 60 days. Vehicles requiring the installation of the extended range powertrain package will require an additional 30 days (or a total of 90 days) before delivery.


Now Let The Global Cooling Begin!






Genesis Motors Corporation Inc. has the engine technologies the public has been waiting for and  they are scheduled to arrive early 2013.



North America is a new market for global electric vehicle manufacturers with U.S. consumers readily accept imported vehicles like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi and others.

Recent market research performed by Auto Pacific indicates a growing acceptance of vehicles made in China. This is based on the fact that many quality products purchased and used by U.S. consumers are made in China. Chinese vehicle manufacturers are now able to produce quality vehicles at an aggressive price point that enables technology breaking vehicles to be affordable to the larger cross section of American consumers. According to reports from state-run China media, the latest five-year draft plan for Beijing’s auto industry calls for annual production capacity for China of no less than 500,000 all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2015.

Although the U.S. auto industry has experienced unprecedented difficulties, the emerging electric vehicle market represents enormous opportunity for those companies correctly positioned with the right product for this new space. The market for electric cars in North America is a market of extensive proportions. Estimated by U.S. Government to be 2.4M cars by 2015 (1% of the gas vehicle market would represent annual sales of 120,000 vehicles or $3.6 billion dollars in vehicle sales). Genesis Motors Corporation Inc. has as its target a 1% market share of all U.S. auto sales, which would represent 120,000 cars annual by 2013.


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