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  • Genesis Zero Electric Car

Forget The Others!.... Genesis Sells From The Largest Selection Of All Electric Plug-In Cars, Trucks, Motorsport And Commercial Vehicles!..... Call Our Hotline And Order A Genesis Electric Vehicle Today And Save!..... Intensify Your Ownership Experiance When You Upgrade Your New Genesis Electric Vehicle With The Latest Add-On Products And Technologies!..... Genesis Electric Vehicles Qualify For Many Fededral, State Tax And Other Incentives!..... Genesis Offers Industry Standard Minimum 3 Year 50,000 Mile Limited Bumper To Bumper Warranty. Batteries Included!.....

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All of our electric vehicles are built with integrated comfort and safety features.


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Built in China and delivered with a warranty you can count on.


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 All Electric Urban Car!

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2013 Genesis T-RX2   

9.5kw Electric Tricycle

If its speed and fun your looking for?! The XL-T is street legal and capable of speeds over 70mph.  NOTICE: CHECK YOU STATE  DMV FOR RULES           ORDER YOURS TODAY AND SAVE!  SAVE!  SAVE!