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From CAD modeling to production ready prototyping, Genesis research and development offers the most advanced engineering in the field of electric vehicle technologies that sets standards for the future of sustainable electric vehicle mobility.


"Extended Range" New Powertrain Engineering

Engineers focus on developing combined technologies (electric, hydraulics and managed battery systems) to serve as the foundation and future of “Extended Range” Electric Vehicles. State of the art engineering supports the ability to assemble modern technologies to effectively harvest, store or use on demand a sustainable supply of clean energy from the vehicles braking and constant “infinite” kinetic movements. One of many new and innovative solutions is the use of a hydraulic controlled generator that charges the electrical system to achieve greater travel distance, Tests indicate that increased distance could be achieved as much as five times the current distance of  plug-in electric vehicles or (as much as 500 miles) before requiring a full electrical charge. “Travel distance is based on the vehicles energy cycling, storage capacity, terrain, load and driving habits”. Charge time will vary per systems requirements.

This evolutionary hybrid electric vehicle regeneration technology has immediate potential to reduce the thirst for transportation petrochemicals and offers greater benefits over existing plug-in battery operated electric motor vehicles including, combination hybrid engines or questionable fuel cell technologies. The big plus for this innovative hybrid electric powertrain is its limited recharging requirements and reduced need for costly infrastructure build-outs.

Genesis Electric Vehicles Made to Order

  • Genesis plans to produce a fleet of its own patent pending extended range electric vehicles. Contracts with China auto makers will supply SAE certified hybridized plug-in electric vehicles (plus or minus certain components) to complete the final assembly of customer requirements.

    Changing times demand that we take action and give the consumer a revolutionary vehicle that deserves a revolutionary ownership experience, so we’ve designed a responsive customer approach with an efficient retail and wholesale point of sale footprint.

    Genesis offers a fleet of build-to-order plug-in electric vehicles to be purchased and delivered to the purchaser’s home or local dealership within 60 days. Vehicles requiring installation of the extended range powertrain package will require an additional 30 days (or a total of 90 days) before delivery.

    Vehicle prices range from $16,000 to as much as $200,000. Owners choose from several standard models with basic to luxury packages to choose from. Packages may include factory upgrades, battery type, motor type or size, hybrid regeneration powertrain package, home wired or wireless charging unit and more.


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